How Does Kangaroo Carry Ship My Order?

We ship USPS Priority Mail for the most efficient and cost effective way to get your Kangaroo Carry Holster to you.

For many years we used USPS First Class Trackable Mail. Recently it has not performed well enough for our customers to count on delivery in a timely manner. We increased the cost of shipping/handling to reflect that change of service and expense rather than increase the price of the Kangaroo Carry Holster.

USPS Priority Mail provides quicker service, insurance, and delivers most shipments protected in your mailbox rather than on your doorstep. UPS or FedEx would nearly double our shipping/handling charges. We try to keep our shipping costs low but as dependable as possible. USPS Priority Mail is our preferred carrier. For more information on USPS Priority Mail, click here.

Can My Military or Law Enforcement Agency Get a Bulk Order Discount?

Yes. Please email us at Sales@KangarooCarry.com to request details on bulk ordering and discounts.

Which Holster Color Should I Order?

Choose the Kangaroo Carry color that most closely matches your skin tone or the color of clothing you normally wear to help it conceal as much as possible.

Can I Order Over the Phone?
Yes! Give us a call at 770.776.7299 for over the phone orders. 
What if My Holster Shrinks When Washed?

Don't worry. Kangaroo Carry holsters are 100% cotton like your favorite blue jeans and like your favorite jeans they might shrink a bit after washing. Hand wash only in cold water and lay flat to dry per instructions on inside label and orange sheet in your spare parts kit. Even with careful washing, the the holster may sometimes shrink slightly. For most people, the shrinkage is beneficial like your favorite pair of jeans, allowing the cotton to form to a perfect fit. If it shrinks too much after air drying, just step on one of the cotton ends and give the other cotton end a firm steady tug. Obviously, don't tug on the elastic parts, just each end of the opposite cotton parts. Each washing will leave the holster softer, so stretching it should only be necessary after the first couple of washes.

Do I Need More than One Holster?

If you wear it daily, we recommend having several Kangaroo Carry Holsters for "rotation". If you wear it next to your skin, it is basically like an undergarment (and we hope you change your underwear daily!). Be sure to wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

How Do I Measure for My Holster?

Measure around your chest area just below your pectoral muscles. Be sure to take a full breath, hold it and stand up straight to get the most accurate measure.

I am a Left Hand Shooter. Where Does the Gun Ride on Me?

As a Left hand Shooter, your gun will ride under your right arm in the Kangaroo Carry Holster.

How Do I Get to the Holster in a Dress Shirt?

Let's face it, in a true emergency no buttons are going to keep you from getting to your Kangaroo Carry Holster! You would obviously rip that shirt open and draw. This is called a "Superman Draw" and surely you remember how Clark Kent became Superman? Buttons and neckties flew off to reveal that big "S" on his chest!

However, for consideration, some professionals that wear dress shirts, buttons and ties everyday either realize that they will unbutton a few buttons down from the collar to draw when they need to— OR some even replace their top buttons on their dress shirts with magnet closures or Velcro behind a sewn on button for consistent appearance of the buttons on their shirts.

Can I Draw With My Shirt Tucked In?

Sure! Draw through the collar of your cover shirt…and if you wear a dress shirt and tie see above.

What is the Proper Draw Stroke for Kangaroo Carry?

The draw stroke for Kangaroo Carry is the same as the proper draw stroke from any concealed carry method:

  1. Clear the cover garment and any body parts (READ: You should NEVER have to point a gun at any part of your body during the drawing or holstering with a proper draw stroke)
  2. Get a solid firing grip on the gun (no need to fumble and shift during the draw)
  3. Pull straight up and out to a high close retention position and guard (also called the "speed rock position")
  4. And then out to full two handed extension shooting platform if time and space allow

How Long Does a Kangaroo Carry Holster Last Before It Wears Out?

Depends on how you treat it. I have the same holster for over four years and it’s still going strong. I have several that I alternate for different guns and because since I wear it next to my skin, it’s washed frequently (hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry, no bleach!). Treat your Kangaroo Carry Holster well and it will take care of you for a long time.

Do I Wash My Kangaroo Carry Holster?

Hopefully! Think of it as a pair of jeans or shirt…if you wear it often, you’ll wash it when it needs it.

To extend the life of your Kangaroo Carry holster and minimize shrinkage, follow these recommended care instructions:

  • Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle (NO BLEACH)
  • If machine wash, attach all velcro prior to washing to avoid snagging and extend the velcro life
  • Lay flat to dry
Can I Carry a Second/Back-up Gun in My Holster?

Many of our clients carry a second/back-up gun in their Kangaroo Carry Holster.

Why is it occasionally important to carry a second/back-up gun?

  • Spouse or friend
  • Gun lost in a struggle
  • Lost in flight
  • Lost in darkness
  • Malfunctioned
  • As a re-load replacement
Can I Wear the Same Holster Over My Vest On-Duty and Against My Skin Off-Duty?

Please view our Ballistic Vest Extender to see if it would work for you. The extender will allow you to wear the same Kangaroo Carry Holster over your duty vest and under your uniform shirt on duty and against your skin off duty.

How Long Has Kangaroo Industries Been Making Kangaroo Carry Holsters?

The first holster was invented by Gene Beeler in 1994 and Kangaroo Carry Holsters began being marketed to individuals and companies in 1996.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Our guarantee is that as a family business, we want our customers to feel as good about Kangaroo Carry as we do. If you think something is not right about the holster or its wear, please contact us to see if we can make it right for you. We want you to have a holster you can wear comfortably and safely.

Is There a Warranty on Your Holsters?

When you receive your holster, you have one week to try it out. If it doesn't work for you, simply send us a message, and we will buy it back. If you believe there is something wrong with the construction of the holster, send us a message, and we will do our best to make it right for you.

How Do I Wear My Holster with a Ballistic Vest?

We offer a velcro extension that attaches to the holster to convert it from personal (bare skin) use to use with a ballistic vest.