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Kangaroo Carry

Standard 3 Holster

Standard 3 Holster

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The original made even better! This is the holster that started it all in 1994. Designed for small to medium sized handguns (Example: Smaller Single Stack Autos; Kahr; Walther; Taurus) Two to Three Inch Revolvers (S&W J-Frame; Ruger LCR; SP 101) to medium autos (S&W M&P SHIELD; Glock 26/27 through 19/23; sub-compact to medium size 1911) and many more makes and models in this size range.

  • Our patented proprietary pistol pouch includes a sacrificial seam to allow simple user modification to accommodate under-barrel laser systems of various designs and size
  • Side closure for maximum concealability to vanish under almost any type of garment
  • Patented front storage pockets for single stack spare magazine, speed strip, I.D.
  • Patented adjustable 3-position shoulder strap
  • Includes the Kangaroo Carry patented Pistol Positioning Pin SystemTM for micro adjustments of depth and rake of holstered handgun positions plus allowing for a wide variety of handguns to ride in the same universal pouch
  • Firearm retention strap
  • Every Standard 3 holster includes a spare parts kit, containing two pistol positioning pins and extra G-hook loop material

The Kangaroo Carry Standard 3 is made of 100% natural cotton, which allows a person to wear it next to their body, eliminating the need for a sweater, vest or jacket. This is a revolutionary breakthrough especially in any zone where temperatures exceed 100 degrees during the summer months. The high-grade natural cotton material also enables it it to mold not only to the firearm, but also to the wearer's body for maximum concealability.

This holster wraps around the chest under the pectorals, with the firearm resting under the right or left upper arm. The wearer retains unobstructed access to the firearm and spare magazine, whether sitting or standing.

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